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Kitty Anderson

2021 Keynote Speaker

Hormones, HRT, Infection and Autoimmune Disease

“How HRT Creates A Superwoman!”

If you have autoimmune issues, you MUST get identical HRT in perimenopause.  If you have skipped a period or have light or heavy periods it is time for HRT!  Diet alone will not resolve symptoms!  Get back on track and replenish your hormones.  Scroll to the bottom and request "Your Initial HRT Appointment Guide."  I am happy to help you.

What Does Hormone Loss Cost Me?

Menopause isn't any fun!  You are in a lot of pain right now.  I've been there.  Would you like a partner in your recovery?

Estrogen deficiency is actually dangerous if you remain unsupported!  Eighty-five percent of us will have major menopause symptoms for an average of eleven years!  This is NOT a temporary phase.   Symptoms lead to disease.  We have research, but the press isn't covering it!  You very likely have old information.  You are making assumptions that you are safe.

Our brains are changed so much by hormone loss.  I am the Menopause Nerd that knows how you can preserve this!  I help you recover your mind!  Let's talk about what it takes and what you can do to reverse this crazy process.  The brain responds to our inputs -- hormones, nutrition, toxins, exercise or movement, and pharmaceuticals.  There are reasons that women feel better on needed thyroid hormone.  Women feel better on needed insulin hormone.  And women feel better on hormone replacement therapy.  These are molecules your body once made.  You will feel perfectly normal on HRT.  It's a plus that you are also preventing almost every disease on the planet!


Red Brain Cells Are Healthy, Active, Plenty of Energy

inherited auotimmune disease white cardaci.jpeg

I had seen my grandmother and my mother crash at menopause, and I decided that was just not for me.

I was willing to invest time into research to find answers. It had to be possible to be healthy, but what would it take?





Stress Management

Toxin Reduction

Pharma Reduction

Healing Relationships

My personal experiment became the basis for my Holistic Menopause Recovery Program!

If you are hitting menopause now, your mother was most likely put on an antidepressant and likely a sedative that made her calm and helped her sleep.  These did NOT improve her health.  She likely went on to gain weight and lacked the energy to exercise!  She did not get her life back.  A few years ago, only 1% of US women were getting identical hormones replenished with HRT.  Now only 3% of US women are getting the hormones returned to them!  This is crazy!  This is a social justice issue.  

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If you want your life adventures to continue...

If you want to understand hormones...

If you want to keep up with your family...

If you want to stop suicidal thoughts...

If you want to reverse mental health issues...

If you want to keep your job...

If you want to feel calm and have a plan...

If you want to enjoy your partner again...

If you want to "feel the music"...

If you want to rejoin the conversation...

If you want your confidence back...

I have a Menopause Recovery Program for You!

"Hormone Loss" is the explanation for your experience!
You don't get to menopause without an understanding of what hormones can do. For those of us that tried birth control pills or antidepressants, we have felt the personality change of testosterone suppression. For those of us with postpartum challenges, we know that hormone drops bring about major personality changes and sometimes disease. If you have excessive stress, your hormone levels are pushed down and you feel horrible.  Many will have chronic pain with low hormone levels.  So why do we expect menopause to be something we just put up with? We shouldn't!  Get HRT first and get a passport to health!   

If you want to learn from someone with 14 years of HRT experience, 5 different doctor types, 11 different doctors, and different products, set up a session with me.  I am up to date on the 2022 research and ready to kickstart your recovery!

Learn 100 Ways HRT Helps You at my YouTube Channel.
"Create A Menopause Recovery"


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You know that your brain doesn't feel right.  Nothing about menopause makes sense!  You want your old self back!  Don't worry, your brain can recover if you act quickly!

Sick of Symptoms?  
Need A Coaching Session?

Prevent Disease & Symptoms

  • Stop Menopause Weight Gain

  • Recover Mental Health In Weeks

  • Fight Infection (Yes COVID19!) At A High Enough Dose

  • Prevent Dementia & Alzheimer’s  (With the Best HRT)

  • Improve and Prevent Diabetes

  • Improve and Prevent Autoimmunity: Organ Damage

  • Improve and Prevent Autoimmune Flares

  • Prevent Cardiovascular Problems

  • Reduce chance of death -39%!

Get And Manage Safe HRT

  • The Best & Worst HRT

  • Find A Doctor Giving Safe HRT

  • Win the HRT Debate

  • HRT Beauty Secrets

  • Troubleshoot Hormonal Symptoms

  • Save Money & Budget HRT

Manage the Menopause World

  • Safely Avoid Meds and Side Effects

  • What Distracts Us In Menopause

  • Get It Done: Atomic Habits!

  • Nutrition Impact on Infection

  • Critical Nutrition For Menopause

  • What Else In This Stage?

  • Develop Your Personal Plan

Kitty is the Menopause Coach You Didn't Know Existed!


What Your Doctor Never Told You

The Latest Research On HRT

Cuts Risk Of


Death by any cause -60%


Developing Diabetes by -30%

Alzheimer’s by -58%
All Fractures by -50%
Colon Cancer by -37%
Urinary Tract Infections -60%
Depression Symptoms -48 %

Heart Attack -70 %

Cuts Risk of Breast Cancer If Given Near Menopause, combine with progesterone and transdermal testosterone.

Cuts Risk Of COVID19

Disease, Symptoms and Spread -50%


Reduce Weight Gain As Estrogen 

1).   Controls Meal Frequency
2).  Overeating & Disordered Eating  

3).  Use of Food As a Reward 

4).  Nutrient Absorption Depends on E    


Improve Fitness:  

Testosterone Increases Muscle Mass and Burns More Calories


International Menopause Society, 2020
Cornell-Stanford University School Of Medicine


Learn About Courses and Coaching
With The Hormone Expert!




What a surprise! I didn't know what I didn't know!

This course paid for itself in my first HRT appointment.  No more bouncing from doctor to doctor.  No more trials of products and supplements that just aren't HRT.  Kitty made it clear how our education fails to prepare us for a life without hormones! She filled in all the gaps and gave me tools to use in my quest for health! Her coaching style really helped me develop a personal plan for menopause recovery! I felt like I had my own personal coach without the expense of individual coaching. I loved the group! I didn’t feel so alone.”


100% Menopause Recovery

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Join us today!  Be part of the 3% of women that recover from menopause.  Be smarter about your menopause recovery!  Learn how to communicate with your family and doctor during your recovery.   

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Get Initial HRT Appointment Guide

Learn how menopause recovery works and build your own plan.  We are not a medical service and will not diagnose or prescribe.  It's critical to understand how menopause is affecting you then personalize your changes to fit into your life at this moment!   You are the expert on you!  This is your journey.  We will partner with you as you experiment, making time and space for you to learn and grow.   

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